Eco Christmas 2023

Eco-friendly practices for during the Christmas Period

"Just like a dog, these tips are not just for Christmas." - Godfrey Armitage, A Rocha volunteer speaker

1. Gift Wrapping:
• Use recycled or reusable wrapping paper.
• Get creative with alternative wrapping materials, such as cloth or scarves.

2. Christmas Decorations:
• Create homemade decorations using recyclable materials.
• Re-use decorations or if in need of some new ones check out charity stores.

3. Energy Efficient Lighting:
• Use LED lights for decorations, as they are more energy efficient.
• Consider using solar-powered outdoor lights for festive displays.

4. Gift Giving:
• Buy local and support small businesses for gifts.
• Choose gifts made from sustainable materials or products with minimal packaging.
• Give alternative gifts such as donations to charities (e.g. WWF) or sponsoring a community project in lieu of physical presents.
• Try shopping for pre-loved items in thrift stores.
• Give experiences or services to reduce the environmental impact of material goods.

5. Zero-Waste Parties:
• Use reusable dishes, cutlery, and napkins for holiday gatherings.
• Provide recycling and compost bins to minimize waste.

6. Reduce food waste by planning what is needed.

By incorporating these eco-friendly tips, we can all contribute to a more sustainable and mindful Christmas celebration.