Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park at the church?

We have a small car park at the rear of the church of 10 spaces including one disabled parking space. Please take care when turning into the car park from New Road as the turning is directly off the ring road. Additional parking is available at Argus Fire off Worcester Street on weekends.

Is there a bus stop near the church?

Stourbridge Interchange is a 6-minute walk from New Road. There are bus stops on Worcester Street for the number 7, 125 and 886 buses.

Which door should I use when I arrive?

Both the automatic glass doors on the front of the building and the rear door from the car park shall be open on a Sunday morning. Depending on where you’re coming from, you may use either door. Both entrances are step-free.

What do I need to wear?

There is no dress code for the church. Come in whatever is comfortable.

How many people attend?

We have a membership of 72 and seating for 160, but around 40 people regularly attend our services.

Do you have access for people with disabilities?

All entrances to the church are step-free. There is a lift to access the upstairs rooms. We have one disabled toilet on each floor. We have an induction loop system for those with hearing aids. All projection is in accordance with the BDA guidelines. Large print hymn books are available. You can find more information on our DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) Policy.

How long are the services?

Services usually last for around an hour, followed by tea and coffee in the hall at the rear of the church.

What will happen when I arrive?

You will be welcomed at the main entrance by the door steward on duty that week. Here you can pick up weekly notices and hymn book if you wish to use one.

What time should I arrive?

Service starts at 10.30am – we recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to find a seat, make yourself comfortable and read the notice sheet.

What happens during the service?

A typical service follows this order; however, each preacher will set the order of their service.

Call to worship
Opening hymn
Bible readings
Sermon, talk or reflection
Prayers & Lord’s Prayer*
Closing hymn
Sending out and blessing (sometimes using the Grace*)

*Words for the Lord’s Prayer and Grace appear on the screens.

What happens after the service?

Tea and coffee are served following the service so if you have the chance to stick around and chat, this is a great opportunity to get to know new people. 

Do I have to sing?

Singing is big part of Methodist worship – however we don’t expect anyone to join in unless they’re comfortable. We usually stand for hymns, but some people choose to sit. Hymn words are displayed on the large screens at the front of the church, however if you’d prefer to use a book, they are available at the Welcome desk – just ask the door steward for one when you arrive.

Which hymn books do you use?

New Road primarily uses Singing the Faith, the authorised hymn book for the Methodist Church in Britain. We use OpenLP to display hymn words on the screens at the front of the church.

Do I need a Bible?

Bibles are available to use upon request but if you have your own Bible, you are welcome to bring it along. Some worshippers choose to use a Bible app on their phone or tablet. The New International Version, Good News and New Revised Standard Version translations are frequently used.

How do you do Communion, and can I join in?

Each minister will do communion in a slightly different way, but generally once the gluten free bread and non-alcoholic wine is blessed, everybody is invited to the communion rail at the front of the church. Rows are directed up by a communion steward. Here the bread is given out, followed by the wine. All attendees are invited to partake in Communion. If you do not wish to take Communion, you may remain in your seat, or join the group and receive a blessing (keep your hands behind your back when the minister approaches you, so they know to give you a blessing). Communion can also be brought to you in your seat if you have mobility issues as there are three steps into the chancel.

Can I bring my children?

Of course! Although New Road don’t currently run a Sunday School, children and young people are welcome to join the service. There is a collection of colouring sheets and activities available to occupy youngsters.

Do I need to bring money with me?

A collection (sometimes referred to as offertory) is taken as part of worship, but don’t feel compelled to give. Many people give through an envelope system or by standing order, so it won’t be strange not giving when the bags come round.

Will I be asked to do anything?

Whilst a number of our congregation do take an active role in the church, New Road is a non-threatening place for any visitor, and you will not be asked to do anything that you are not comfortable with. We find that once a person has been attending church for a while, they tell us that they’re ready to help. Only then do we suggest some of the many small services that contribute to the success of the church.

Is there someone who can pray with me?

You can ask the steward on duty who may introduce you to the minister or preacher that day and pray with you or listen to you if you would like to talk to someone.

How can I get involved?

First of all, please make yourself known to any of our team when you come to visit. If you decide to regularly attend and wish to take part in the services or other church activities please see the steward on duty, you would be more than welcome to get active in the running of our services and there are so many ways you could serve.

Can I have a baptism/wedding/funeral at New Road?

Of course. Please see our Life events page for more details or contact our Minister using the Contact form.

Do you hire out rooms?

Yes – you can find more information on the Room hire page.